Frost Fantasy Mini-Wargame Design Challenge

Frost Fantasy Mini-Wargame Design Challenge

Design a 2-3 player tabletop game that uses only elements like those in the picture.
Deadline: Christmas 2017
Contest Rules
Your game may, of course, require people, rooms, light, air, etc. It may also require use of your rules document. But in terms of game components, you may only use items like those in the picture. (For example, you may substitute other minis, but use no more than 13. You may substitute dice, but use no more than 4.) This also means that your game cannot involve a pencil or pen during the game.
Clarification: Players with disabilities are encouraged to use whatever assistive technologies or accommodations they prefer in order to facilitate play. The design constraints in this contest are not a means to exclude players from your table.
How to Submit and Prizes
Submit your rules to
 If more than four people submit rules by Christmas, I will declare a winner. That winner gets a free pdf of three of my games (your choice of which games.) If more than twenty people submit rules, I will declare two winners.
Tips About How the Games Will Be Judged
I will judge the games on a 1-10 scale
6 points:rules clarity and playability
1 point: whether the game is winter or ice or Christmas themed
1 point: including optional rules for solitary play or for playing with more than 3 players.
2 points: Is the game a spiritual sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics, the old turn-based Playstation wargame?
Final Fantasy Tactics

Who is the Judge?

I’m the game designer behind Ginger Goat Press. I’m the former Global Coordinator of Game Chef, the international analog game design competition. By day, I teach high school English and ESL at a public school in Texas.

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