John Silence RPG Call for Designers

Ginger Goat Press is looking for game designers for our newest book. John Silence is a hybrid book, containing an original RPG and an anthology of short stories and poems in a shared universe. The John Silence universe focuses on people of color who are psychic detectives, saving Earth from planar creatures invisible to most humans.

The game is inspired by the mechanics of D&D 3.5 and various OSR games. However, attacks and combat have been replaced with rhetoric and conversation. You are not rolling to kill the monster. You’re rolling to convince or befriend them.

Right now, we are looking for two freelance game designers to help develop mechanics of the game. We are especially interested in working with black, indigenous, and/or people of color for this game, though other folks are welcome to apply.

We need one person to help develop classes and skills. We need another person to develop Natures (fka races) and spells. These things have all been named and listed in the book, but we need you to help write the description and sort out how they work in game.

This job pays $40 upon completion plus either a % of the game’s royalties or a set dollar amount upon publication. We plan to Kickstart the game this summer. If you are interested, email with subject line either “Classes and Skills” or “Natures and Spells.”

In the body of your email include a one paragraph description of one of the following:

  • Engineer class (This class can build psychic devices, but there are currently no rules for this.)
  • Lesser Eureka (This is a level 1 Devotion spell with the subtype Mind. It has Range: Self Only. Otherwise there are currently no rules for this spell. )

Currently involved in the project are publisher Josh T. Jordan, game editor Caitlynn Belle, poetry and story editor Lev Mirov, and layout artist Thomas Novosel. Stay tuned for announcements about our Kickstarter and our open call for poems and short fiction in summer 2018.

To learn more about the universe of John Silence, check out the Notebook of John Silence, PI zine series available from Thomas Novosel Press. This universe is also loosely inspired by Algernon Blackwood’s 1908 novel, John Silence, Physician Extraordinary.

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