Call for Actual Play Streamers or Reviewers

Ginger Goat Press has a new game in development, and we are looking for podcasters, Twitch streamers, and Youtube vloggers to play the promo version of the game in May.

John Silence is a hybrid book, containing an original RPG and an anthology of short stories and poems in a shared universe. The John Silence universe focuses on 20th century people of color who are psychic detectives, saving Earth from planar creatures invisible to most humans. If this sounds like a game that you would like livestream actual play or review, email

Currently involved in the project are publisher Josh T. Jordan, game editor Caitlynn Belle, poetry and story editor Lev Mirov, and layout artist Thomas Novosel. Stay tuned for announcements about our May Kickstarter and our open call for poems and short fiction in summer 2018. If you would like to join the design team for John Silence, you can apply here.

The game is inspired by the mechanics of traditional dungeon crawls and various OSR games. However, attacks and combat have been replaced with rhetoric and conversation. You are not rolling to kill the monster. You’re rolling to convince or befriend them.

Again, email with your questions about the game or to be added to our list of actual play livestreamers and reviewers. People on this list will receive a promo version of the game in May.

Podcasters, Twitch streamers, Youtube vloggers, and reviewers are all encouraged to contact us. To learn more about the universe of John Silence, check out the Notebook of John Silence, PI zine series available from Thomas Novosel Press. This universe is also loosely inspired by Algernon Blackwood’s 1908 novel, John Silence, Physician Extraordinary.

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