Call for John Silence Adventure Pitches

Ginger Goat Press is currently accepting adventure pitches for our forthcoming rpg, John Silence, in which psychic American detectives of color search for invisible monsters from other planes! Find the demo by clicking on the title image below.

If you are interested in pitching an adventure for the game after you’ve skimmed the demo, please email a one or two paragraph pitch for an adventure by Friday June 29th. The adventure should center on a psychic person of color in the 20th century USA, finding and banishing monsters from other planes. You are encouraged to get specific about your characters’ cultures and identity. You can be vague about their psychic powers.


Our game editor Aura Belle and I plan to accept at least 5 pitches as stretch goals for our forthcoming Kickstarter. Accepted writers will write 1500-4000 word adventures if we reach their stretch goal. You won’t need to write the adventure until after the Kickstarter. It would be due in October at the earliest. Accepted writers will be paid $.10/word upon completion of a revised draft that incorporates editorial feedback.

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